Olive in Salamoia San Giualiano

Olives in Brine

Plump, firm, tasty.

Only the green olives with the most firm and crunchy flesh become San Giuliano olives; whole or pitted, they are excellent to serve as an appetizer or to add vibrancy and enhance dishes with a tasty traditional flavour.

After being carefully washed, the olives are cured, then preserved in brine and packaged.

Essential ingredient of the Mediterranean diet and of great versatility in the kitchen, they are versatile and can be used in many recipes. They add colour and flavour to appetizers, pizzas, salads, stuffing, sauces; excellent as a snack or fried "all'ascolana" or to garnish your dishes.

Green olives size 18/24 with firm and healthy pulp, Ingredients: Olives, water, salt. Acidifying agents: Lactic acid, ascorbic acid.

300 gr Whole (Pack of 12 bags) 3 kg Whole jar.