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It all began here, in an old oil mill in the heart of the city of Alghero, Sardinia. It was 1916 when the Manca Family, one of the oldest olive oil producers in Italy, started its milling activity. In 1975, after years of hard work and profound passion, the San Giuliano brand was created and still sees us committed with the same determination today.

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Awards and recognitions San Giuliano Quality awarded in the world

In the Land of Biodiversity

Sardinia is a unique territory, where nature is truly capable of producing exceptional fruits. Here we produce our DOP Sardegna Extra Virgin olive oil – exclusively from olives from the North of the island – and the single variety “Bosana”, the Sardinian olive par excellence.

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A look to the future

that does

not forget the past:

a long tradition,

in a unique land,

that has traced

our journey and still guides us in our choices.

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Over 150 hectares


according to the most advanced olive growing techniques: the new San Giuliano Estates, in the North West of Sardinia are all about future and innovation.

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Working and production standards in compliance with the most efficient models of quality assurance: a commitment confirmed by the system and product certifications obtained in recent years.


The oil has a bitter taste. Does it mean it is bad?

No, the bitter taste - together with the fruity and spicy note – is one of the positive attributes of the Extra Virgin olive oil. It denotes the presence of antioxidants, such as polyphenols, of great value to our health. Its intensity depends on the variety of olives and on their degree of ripeness at the time of pressing: the greener the olives, the more bitter the oil.